Rent my brain

Consulting, coaching, and training


I offer advice, consulting and coaching on a smorgasbord of different subjects, from freelancing and social media, to podcasting and new platforms.

With a background covering cutting-edge media innovations, interviewing editorial and development staff at some of the world's biggest news organisations, and testing literally hundreds of new platforms, tools, and apps – in both the UK and the US – I am uniquely placed to give reliable insights and useful feedback on whatever new venture you have in mind.

I've worked with startups, app developers, academic institutions, and non-profits, as well as other journalists, to share my expertise. Here are a few of my favourite projects so far: 

  • Developing design and UX on a beta stage Twitter app.
  • Designing a digital journalism programme for students at a UK university.
  • Teaching non-profits and business owners how to improve their reach and engagement through blogging and social media.
  • Helping event organisers find diverse, yet brilliant, speakers for their next conference.

Want to discuss your next project? Get in touch and let's grab a coffee, pick up the phone, and see how we can work together.


"We asked Abigail to produce a report on podcasting for us. It was very high quality and it was a pleasure working with her. I would recommend her to anyone looking for insight in this field."
Husain Husaini, chief executive, Wire Free Productions

"THANK YOU. This was incredibly helpful."
Eric Athas, editorial training, NPR

"We published Textshot+ to the App Store and are happy with where it is currently at. Thank you for your feedback and support!"
Eric Olszewski, web developer, Textshot+